Monday, 14 December 2009

Love Berlakus

Keith fetched me with Andy , headed to watch Love Happens at Pyramid. The cinema was practically empty, we started putting our legs up on the chairs and all. Movie was sad :( felt so sad watching it.

Headed to the new restaurant in pyramid. It's called Fullhouse and boy was it a full house there! The place was so adorable, it was a restaurant, a gift store, a clothes store with homey decorations everywhere.

Main reason I even went there was to get Jon to serve me! hahah. He finally found a job and you look absolutely fine with the uniform. It doesn't look big on you.

All of us ordered the set lunch. Comes with an Iced Lemon Tea, Mushroom soup and a main course. I took the spaghetti, guys took the....

AWESOME and the name has just slipped my mind. Just get it. It's way too awesome. It costs about RM20 per person. But it's worth it :)

Took photos with the adorable decoration that was there. There's even a bed there.. a bath tub!? and even a cute car in the front. Yes, the car is real.

Walked around and bumped into my own brother ! haha funny. Oh oh, the ferris wheel is finally open !! I wanna see the sealions and dolphin show too!! :(

Saw this too ! Straight away thought of Xiang. hahaha my brother's boyfriend. Headed to Parade, met up with Li Jian and went to visit Xing ! She popped out of the changing room. wondered why there was no one at the shop. HAHA

Headed to Victoria Station and met up with my relatives. It's my 2nd time I've been here and the first time I came was when I probably ordered a kids meal and wasn't even in kindergarten yet.

Mum ordered Escargot and I stole one ! Yes, snails with cheese are absolute bliss. My family took steaks, my relatives on the other hand took all the seafood :)

Dessert came , Sam ordered Bomb Alaska and yeah that's it. It lit up and I pinched his :)

Advice- don't order anything and pinch everyone elses dessert.

The cousins ! Wore 4 inch heels, imagine if I didn't. I got a really early christmas present from Aunty Soo Ngoh :) Woohoo!

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