Thursday, 31 December 2009

Of Sappiness and Love

In no specific order, here's my list of 2009 thank yous.
Kaelan Ong Wei Ern!!
Yes your number one fan is blogging about you! Wanna say you're an awesome friend and thou must forever love the name kaekae. You big genius. Form 4 will be a breeze for you. Thanks for being my friend and all oh oh and giving me your signature was the best gift ever :P

Keith Yong Soon Keat Rainbow
Thanks for putting up with my idiocy for the past 5 years. Going nuts with me over the net and I can't believe I tortured you for five years already. didn't it all just fly past and you love the fact that you know me? I know right!! :D hahaha thanks for always fetching me here and there thanks to the fact you have an awesome Kenari. And yes ! Thanks for that awesome roller coaster ride of an accident :D memorable man. i love you rainboww :D

Uncle Ho Chee Kin Beng Beng Blur Blur Retard
thanks for being my friend since i was like 12 ? hahah and thanks for the gift you got me from hongkong disneyland! Very adorable :P may you find your facial lady and air stewardess :P HAHAHA

Tan Xin Xing.
My neighbour since I was born. The one who thought me how to ride a bike. The one who always had problems with her bra. HAHAHAHA. Sorry. Just had to say that.

Annesha Mary Koshy
The one and only Antsy . Who kept going around conquering the earth with your giant colony. The woman who sat in front of me throughout my 2009 schooling year :)

Esther Kee Pei Fern
My wife since i was seven years old. my best friend. my retard. my fattish. my listener. my comforter. my everything. Without you I have no idea what I would be like right now. Imagining life without you is like...EXCRUCIATING.

I sound so lesbian. hahahaha. I love you Queen East East

Daphne Khoo Sui Im
My long lost twin. We somehow end up with the same problems all the time. not to forget the BEST INTERACT PRESIDENT I could have !!! hug hug hug. We shall make Interact 2010 HAPPEN !!! weee.

Charles Wong
The way we met was hilarious. Impromptu Leo IU Date huh ? You were an awesome date at it too :D Thanks for the comfort and all when I was balling my eyes out when my phone and camera got stolen. hahaha thanks for everything you've done for me :)

Shaun Kang Jia Wei
My friend since I was seven as well but didn't really know each other till I was twelve. Hahaha thanks for being there for me when I needed you and all. Thanks for staying my friend even after all I've done. Haha i'm a walking danger magnet.

Shaun Chien Eu Ming Pigkey!
My personal joker who says the most random things in the whole wide world. Who cheers me up when i'm absolutely down in the dumps. Who makes retarded poetry that makes me laugh for centuries. Oh not to mention the totally awesome possum guitarist you are :)

Tan Li Jian
Thanks for everything you've done for mee!! Thanks for making me smile so much till my jaws hurt. You're an awesome possum friend you know that?? Hahaha. You're definitely one indescribable dreamer :)

Lam Kian Yip
Thanks for being an awesome friend this year! Also known as PKP. Penolong ketua pengawas ! Thanks for bringing me out shopping too! Omg you rock :D Especially when you drive HAHAH

Wong Wei Yng
The crazy kpop fan of a friend who goes on and on about guys hotness. Who can talk all kinds of crap with me all day long. Isn't it awesome knowing me? HAHAH just kidding. Oh and please, YOU ARE NOT FAT FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

Chai Choon Thye Prince Squishpian Retarded Son
The CRAZIEST person that I've known that kills plants with his singing. Your retarded actions and ways stand out. Oh yes, you lost weight. tons of weight. and left me behind without a partner. lousy son! Hahaha nah I love you ;D

Joseph Benjamin Stewart
My dramapapa that can talk bimboticly with me all day long. My secret keeper. And yes my awesome Homes Coordinator!! Thank you for being who you are and just helping me so much. and you absolutely made me melt when you sent me home so many times so I didn't have to take the bus. THANKS JOBEN OMLV !

Jonathan Lim Chee Weng
My totally awesome friend which I knew since I was 11 !! Even when you went off to college you still kept in contact with me. And you were like a brother to me :) Hugsss!

Yap Ken-ji Girlfriend!!
OMG you're like the best girlfriend in the world okay ! Who can replace a girlfriend who acts girlish because he's forced to. HHAHA. And yes, I owe you an iced lemon tea which I finished. hmph.

The crazy hoho that called me for practically no reason and talked about nonsense all day long till my phone even started sweating. I love you just the way you are ! don't care what others say. BOO THEM.

Jessica Hwang It Vern Robert
What can I say about you Fattish? you're absolutely fattishly retarded ! Yes I do love you still :D We're all retarded aren't we? May all your hot angmoh guys fly to you :D

I would really love to blog about so many other people.
but...the post would be WWAY TOO LONG.

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