Thursday, 3 December 2009

pulling my hair out !

Came back home and to my horror my blog went crazy.

The image totally vanished which left my blog totally BLACK.
I freaked, did everything I could.
BAM. thunderstorm came. No internet.
Came back on anyway, tried to fix it. FAILED.
After a grueling 3 hours. I finally fixed it.
All I had to do was just wait and it would have returned to normal.

I ARE GERAM !!! :(

To make things worse, the two people I love dearly are flying away for the holidays TOMORROW!

Li Jian's going to Japan! For two weeks. GAH. I wanna go Japan. So badly. Grrr. I wanna go to an onsennnn !! Is it possible to bring back a hot spring via aeroplane :D? Sorry for the bad picture :P i realised your eyes are like Bugsy's.

This woman also flying away. Esther's going to Australia. and she's only coming back on January 4th !? WOMAN ! Sobs. There goes my fattish partner. She's even gonna skip the first day of school. Hmph. Don't you dare buy me chocolates fattish.

I'm gonna miss you both so much.
Hopefully go online there and update me !
I shall cry in a corner now.

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