Saturday, 12 December 2009

really really zombified :D

Headed to church for christmas dance practice once more and today we successfully finished the dance ! Come and watch the show on either 20th Dec (10am/5pm) or 25th Dec (10am) ! I'm just some small role that appears at the end :D But hey, just come lah :D Summit Hotel 2nd floor!

Came back to Summit in the evening ( took bus AGAIN ) met up with Wen Li!! yeah. It's been so long. Watched Zombieland together with Kok Fei and Mun Choong. Ended up laughing my head off. It's funny. Wen Li and I started lesbian-ing in the cinema. Gosh. She made kissy noises!

Made new friends too , Tiffany + Ong :)


After that, mum fetched me together with Uncle Mike and we headed to Abirami for some banana leaf rice. It was fascinating watching Uncle Mike attempt to eat with hands. :D and yes he did finish his meal.

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