Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sherlock Holmes Premiere 09

Went to 1 Utama for the premiere ! Got 4 tickets thanks to Nuffnang ! And even got a free umbrella because I was the first in line! Met Eddie there.. as well as all the other Nuffnangers, Evelyn, Bernard, Jacquelyn, Alex, Jeffro and many others :)

Finally after an hour of waiting, the guys showed up, bravely hiding behind a board. Chia Sing appeared too FINALLY. You people take Malaysian timing way too seriously. Grr.

Headed to eat Dinner which was extremely rushed. We only had half an hour to eat and the food didn't arrive yet ! Oh well, food was good ! Lasagna ! Thanks to Li Jian and Shaun for paying the bill for all of us. Well, we kinda forgot to pay back. =X

So yeah, four of us watched Sherlock Holmes !
Yeah the movie was good :) Quite interesting.
Rating...8/10 !
Go check it out when it's released on 22 Dec 09! :)

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