Tuesday, 15 December 2009

SMKSU interact Party

After thinking for a few hours, I finally decided to come for the


Went there only knowing like 4 people?
Made friends with a truly awesome person with a totally awesome name too,

Yes, it was so annoying when one person shouted Audrey both our heads would turn. Taman Sea's President leh :P

Then made friends with a Boobless person :D Sara Ariffin !! Hahaha all of us kept picking on her and some how she ended with the nickname, boobless. She kept wanting to switch boobs with me =.= crazy girl.

Not to forget the forever macho Zhiying, President of SMKSU Interact Club ! hahaha. Yes, he kept saying the drink of the night was a secret recipe when it was just cordial + soda

Spent the night with crazy Taman Sea humans. All started playing heart attack. our heart attack was crazy. Everyone ended up just slapping everyone. Not to forget, Chia Sing always lacked cards. Hahaha

So yeah, here's MOST of the people that showed up. I had loads of fun meeting totally random people from everywhere. I should have gone to the Interact Conference !!

Audrey, Chia Sing and Shauna Chien are in a conversation.
Yes, it's Shauna Chien, not Shaun Chien anymore :)
He self declared it.

more photos here !


people without facebook can view it too !

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