Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 begins.

Got a call from Jun Hung,

"hey Audrey, wanna play L4D 2 ?"

Haha what else did I have to lose? So yeah I spent my new year shooting zombies with Shaun,Toh Seng, Ding Yong and yes mr.birthday boy, Jun Hung! You're 19. WOAH. Headed to Snowflake for dessert after that.

After a quick walk around Parade the guys came and we all headed to Snowflake. Yes I went there twice. Played a whole lot of 2 truths 1 lie. My brain went on a journey figuring out which truths to state. hahah we learnt alot bout each other eh Justina?

Justina : I thought salted eggs came from horses.

Most of the guys headed to FTZ Asia to shoot more zombies. We on the other hand, continued talking bout the astounding truths about ourselves. Man, it's so interesting :D JoBen's stories rock.

Finally we headed off to Melur for the mamak session with Ben Choong ! The awesome botak fella who's heading to National Service in Pahang ! All the best dude :D Come back more toned and buffed :O

Celebrated Matt Lai's (far right) birthday as well. His birthday cake was a three plate long roti tisu. Continued the crazy game of truths and lie. It's really fun :D Just state two truths and one lie , then your friends have to guess which is the lie :)

2010 started off with a "bang" definitely I'll say that.
I just hope and pray, that I did the right thing.
You have NOOOO idea what my new year was like :)
Thanks JoBen + Jeremy Choy

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