Saturday, 30 January 2010

Alvin Keng + Jessica Chan's wedding

Arrived at St. Peter's Church, was the first to arrive as I followed Dr Jill who was going to chair the wedding together with Jack :)
Thankfully, Ken-ji arrived soon after.
Yes, he bought the dress for me :D
I picked it out, he paid ;)

The guests arrived, everyone settled down and then it was time for the ceremony to begin!
The groom, Alvin and his best men. Haha!
All waiting with happy faces.
Of course, Alvin's face was the happiest!!
Well, it was his day to tie the knot ;)

The bridesmaids walked in with fuchsia dresses and white heels.
One by one, they came in.
Then the moment that we all waited for...

The entrance of the bride alongside her father!
The instrumental Love Story Taylor Swift meets Viva La Vida Coldplay song was played
Jessica looked splendid :)
Her long white train following right behind her
The elegance in her walk,
The glow in her face :)
It's a wedding thing.

Jack and Jill then took over and played the wedding video.
Yeah, after trying several times, the video still couldn't play.
We were like all hoping and hoping but..

No go :(

But no worries! The ceremony still carried on!!
Pastor Kenneth came up.
vows were said, rings were exchanged and the much awaited kiss on the lips :)
Everyone cheered and camera flashes were seen from every corner :)

They signed the marriage papers and everything went smoothly!
It was such a sight to just see how everything came into place :)

The lighting of candles then begun.
Both their mothers passed lit candles to both of them and they lit the final candle together :)
Symbolising how two have become one.
Aww. Too much Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls.

Mr and Mrs. Keng walked down the isle together.
Flowers were thrown
Photos were taken
Hugs were given
Congratulations' were said
The wedding ended :)

Light refreshments were provided for each and everyone of us.
The blueberry crumble was the absolute BOMB.
Everyone was rushing for it.
I loved the iced mango tea they made though! So refreshing :)

All the teens that were there at the ceremony plus a sesat 23 year old syok-sendiri person.
Hint : pink shawl :)

Thanks Dr Jill for sending me to Pyramid :)

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