Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Audrey's old :)

Yes, yours truly turned SIXTEEN TODAY !
I changed my Facebook birthday just to see who truly remembered :)

Thank you list

People who called me when the clock struck twelve
1) Tan Li Jian - mr. number one caller
2) Shaun Chien Eu Ming - you owe me Nerds.
3) Shaun Kang Jia Wei - mr. your birthday present will come late!
4) Ho Chee Kin - my awesome possum uncle

People who texted, facebooked, msned, wished

Esther Kee Pei Fern
Chia Sing
Kristine Yee
Daniel Tan
Sonya Chew
Yap Ken-ji Girlfriend
Damien Wooooo
Abel Keng
Angel Keinnnn
Wei Yng
Cousin Rachel
Charmaine Toh
Xin Xing
Kay Jin Jinnnn
Justina justea
Xing Yao
Dr Jill
Eunice Ong Childhoodd Friendd
Tieng Wei
Cheryl Ngiam Cui Li :)
Boinky Joseph
Shahin Azmii
Yan Qin
Daphne Khoo
Daphne Lim
Yu Ying
Michelle Loh
Jess Hwang
Annesha Mary Kosheh
Alan Chan Weng Jun
Choon Thye Squishms
Amanda Leong
Mun Hong Cow
Sonia Kang Xiu Yi
Lawrence Ng
JoBen Dramapapa
Jon HoHoHoHo
Han Leon
Albert Kamahlendra
Samantha Chang
Denise Chang
Kylie Ngeow
Yi Hui
Jun Hung
Alex Chan
Kien Jeen
Kah Tsin
Shung Jiu
Charles Wong Yew Chiong
Lisa Chan
William Tang
Benjamin Wong

I know that some of you only remembered once you saw others wishing me on facebook. HAH! cheaters. Don't worreh, i appreciate it too :D

Keith and Andy fetched me after school and we headed to Sunway Pyramid. After flipping alotta coins to decide where to eat, we ended up in...


My awesome passion fruit. yes I like passion fruit. remember that. take down notes. HAHAH. kidding. Andy ordered some special iced green tea which looked like coagulated diarrhea :D

They decided to pay for the whole meal!! It summed up to Rm105.80 and they split it among themselves. I'm so touched. THANK YOU BOTH OF YOUU :)

Oh and scallop pizza rocks my socks :D

Thank you to Kristine Yee!! I was so shocked when I saw a package in my post box. I absolutely adore the card that you made for me..your drawings were super cute and you even drew me!! I wish I was that pretty though . HAHAH thank youuuu!!!

Thank you to Jessica Robert, Antsy Annesha and Ching Ching Xin Xing !! you guys actually bought the sakura perfume for me!! Thanksss I know the price and it ain't cheap!! Thank youuu :)

Thank you Tan Li Jiann!!! For the super pretty bracelet with real seashells on it :D Hahaha i made it into an anklet insteaddd :D I realised I keep turning your presents into something they're not. HAHAH. I totally love ittt thank you :)

THANK YOU DADDYYYYY. For the awesome pair of Crocs you bought for me. I was extremely shocked when you asked for my shoe size. Although I kinda gave the wrong number. Thank goodness for receipts and exchanges ! haha I loved them red flats but hard to match :( So bought a diff colour but same patternn :D I LOVE YOUU

Thank you MATTHEW CHAN YIK MENG for my new camera casing! i will no longer suffer the dirt on my pink casing! Yes. And it's so much cuter and compact too :D I love it :)

Thank you Aunty Choon who's currently staying with me now :) RM30 cash baybeh! :D can help me with my spending tomorrow. am gonna let go of a big bomb

Thank you Amanda Leong!! For this cute thingy-ma-jiggy. It's currently springing around my room :O. Unexpected to receive it from you :)

Oh yes, Zhu En made me this paper thing. watch to understand it. I have no idea how to describe it.

Last but not least, a blogpost from Yap Ken-ji Girlfriend! The "love" in the post is only friendship okay! Don't think so much. Nothing more than close friends.

10 ways to show I love you.

1. I love you when i help you finish your food to save you from the crime of wasting food.
2. I love you when i tell you that you are perfect the way you are =D
3. I love you when i tell you the truth.
4. I love you when i let you soak my shoulder with tears.
5. I love you when i try so very hard to cheer you up.. unfortunately i m not really good at it XD
6. I love you when i make those special sweet words just for you.
7. I love you when i share your sadness and your pain with you without you knowing it.
8. I love you when i listen to you when you asked me not to go on a diet.
9. I love you when i try so very hard to understand you.
10. I love when i wrote this post and say happy birthday! =D

well, this is it.. as promised. =D

"Seems like another day when we all just feel like blessing someone with words =)"
From your loving friend..

Thanks to all you awesome friends and family out there.
I had the best sweet sixteen ever :)

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