Thursday, 14 January 2010

Birthday Friendzy

Compilation of Birthdays this January.
Realised..they're all from Seafield!!
Well minus Daph :)

Khor Wen Li - 11 January
Miss Crazy Tuition Partner 4 years ago. Our awesome memories annoying Puan Ong making her call us World War III. Not to forget Christopher C ! The dude we kept annoying. hhahaa. Good times..

James Thien!! - 12 January
Omg my first impression of you was,
Hahah boy was I right. hahahaha!! Nah, but you're an awesome guy too :D Glad we became friends although I felt I knew you before I knew you. Your name too famous lah :)

Jonathan Wong - 15 January
Please ignore the Kaekae behind. Wanted to put a nice photo of you till I saw this and just shoved the nice one away ;) As i've already texted you, reminder to...have a sweet salty sour sixteenth birthday ;)

Daphne Khoo Sui Im - 15 January
Like I've said before, you're the best president I could ever have. I mean wow we're having the AGM on your birthday! which is actually in 6 hours. Crap. I'm gonna be tired. Thanks for also being an awesome friend since I was 10 :)

Joe Kim - 18 January
Happy birthdayyy :) I still remember I first knew you when I went to your church SJGC. I thought you were a new comer there ! HAHA. little did I know that you were the total opposite :)

Su Fun - 28 January
Omg this crazy woman who keeps pulling my bra straps and whacking boobs. You have definitely been the best company especially when I go out with the guys and we end up being the only girls :) They start bowling and we start stoning . Hahaha you're too awesome for words ;)

Mok Han Leon - 28 January

I have no photo of you lah!! :( Anyways, I still remember you were like one of the first friends I made from Seafield when we were like what..11 or 12? Hahah don't worry I've not forgotten you at all :)

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