Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bloggers Night out

Jeremy Choy came by my house in an emotional state. Found out his wallet with his important stuff went missing in Sunway. Decided to tag along with him and my brother.

Headed to Asia Cafe and met up with Samantha and Sherry! And wow. Samantha is GOOD at pool. Other bloggers were L4D 2-ing at FTZ Asia. Shooting zombies's fun :D

Hairy Godzilla! (inside joke)
Oh yes, both the drawings were done by Jian a.k.a. Akiraceo! Yes he came to Subang all the way from Kuching! Met him for the first time :)
Finally I know how he looks like seeing that his blog is mostly drawings of him!

Headed to Salmon Steak for our dinner :)
Like brother like sister?
Jian thought I was 20.
Which is the same age as Sam?
Which meant we're twins!?

Then headed to FBI for dessert!
Right away.
Yes I know it's so fattish right!!
Thank you Keith for the discounts as well as the free ice cream!!
It was so sweet of you :)

We spent our time there playing with Jenga.
We were the only customers in the entire shop which meant we were an extremely noisy bunch. Screaming like crazy.
Imagine 9 bloggers playing the game.
Papparazzi heaven

Jeremy the absolute pro!
He went crazy and took out as many wooden blocks as he could and in the end created a
30 piece tall building!
Well, then it crashed down as he attempted on the 31st level. :D

Nice meeting all of you guys :)
I had fun :)

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