Monday, 11 January 2010

Carmen and Paquita

Last night mum and I headed over to Istana Budaya to watch the ballet Carmen and Paquita! Bumped into Lee Wen there, no surprise that she'd watch it :) She looked like she was going to perform though :D

We headed to the Upper circle which cost only RM38 each! There were little girls all around wearing party dresses and boy were they cute! Hahaha there was this boy beside me who kept saying..

"mummy..i wanna sleep..."

The ballet was absolutely superb. they pirouetted, pranced, and ran on their tippy toes. I can imagine the pain...Why did I quit when I was 8 ! Man, I could have been this good! Always dreamt of wearing those laced up ballet shoes. Never got there :(

Interact sold about 150 of these babies at school today! Thanks to those who gave more than RM2.50 each ! They're really limited so rush to get 'em! Well, to those who are not from my school, sadly I can't sell them to you yet.

Daphne said to sell to schoolmates first then if got leftovers , we'll sell to outsiders. Unless if the request is really high, I'll print another batch! :) We'll see huh ? :)

Had a really great time meeting the afternoon sessions as well as those little kids I took care of when I was 10 which ain't so little no more :) missed you little rascals who tortured me, your awesome prefect.

I can't believe a 13 year old, 1 head shorter than me tried to hit on me in school -.-

P.s. if you saw me curse the F word on the Digi blogpost it wasn't me! Wei Yng edited that blogpost and I just scrolled through and saw it. Changed it already! i'm so sorry :( I no like cursing.

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