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Note: Wei Yng has a complication, when she runs too much, some part of her stomach will hurt due to too much food or too little food. SIGH. This girl is so troublesome.

Jammed all the way from Subang Jaya and voila, we made it to Mardi Gras @ 1Utama.

was Team 9 in the Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge

We barred Wei Yng from eating before the race and reminded her many times in case her 'appendicitis' comes back again during the race. All she had for lunch was eclipse mints. I know we're evil.

Upon getting there, we saw teams getting their team gear ready and digi-fying themselves thus, the kiasu spirit arisen in every one of us. We painted our faces, hair and hands. While that, Wei Yng was lamenting that we didn't allow her to eat and the waffles looked SOOOO scrumptious we couldn't help but just eat it. We didn't wanna have anyone faint during the race anyway. Five minutes before we were required to meet up at Mardi Gras, we gobbled the waffle while exclaiming


all the while. The emcee heard us. Muka entah mana nak letak.

AND, guess what??

I, Audrey Chew was going up against her own brother, Samuel Chew!!
Yes, he was in group 3 and I in 9. Talk about ironic, eh?

Sibling Rivalry just went to a whole new level. And reinvented itself, 20 000 times.

Drinks were on the house. Yeah, we got drunk before the race itself to keep ourselves pumping.....


Sprite + coke = Spoke ?
haha. okay. too lame already.

We were briefed through about what we are supposed to do or we'd end up like lost pigs in the middle of a shopping mall. So,we were handed a piece of paper with clues to our EIGHT pit stops.

Finishing the challenges were not compulsory but of course, you get less points if you don't. Apparently they test-runned(?) it and they said it's UNLIKELY you'll finish all challenges but its possible.

Alongside with that, if you arrive late back from the race after 2 and 1/2 hours you'll get "demerit" points and soon get "gantung-ed" .

The piece of yellow paper also known as our "passport" was required to be filled up with chops from each station as proof as a completed challenge.

Once we received our passport, we were busy planning which route to take first, setting up timers to remind us if we happen to finish late. Other groups were doing the same and when the emcee said we could go, off went everyone! They were so fast all I could feel was pressure. Pressure. PRESSURE! That meant one thing: RUN!! Of course we made sure not to ram into any shoppers. Safety is key! :)


Place : Celebrity Fitness
Task : Every teammate to run 800m and the average speed will be counted

The athletically challenged ones in the group (everyone except Kaekae) were already panting by the time we reached Celebrity Fitness. When we heard the task, and especially the phrase 'every member must participate', our jaws dropped to the floor. Figuratively. Reason? I wore flats, Wei Yng wore slippers because we weren't smart enough to use our brains to wear shoes. SIGH.

Threw them away and ran for our lives on the treadmill. Obviously, Kaekae the "man" trashed us. Wei Yng on the other hand had to run 1.6m !? They didn't change the treadmill from mile to km so they had to reset the timer and BAM! the three-quarter dead Wei Yng had to run for her life again with the "appendicitis" attacking!

In the end, we decided to not wear our shoes for the entire race.
Crazy decision.


Place : Perak Pantas ( Quiksilver...duh)

Task : Throw on some clothes and berMODEL-MODEL!

Syok-sendiri? Posing? SNAPPING PHOTOS OF OURSELVES? That was no problem as duh, it's in our blood! Grab clothes, throw it on, take a picture, pose, and give it back. Sounds familiar? That's what we do every time we go shopping!While dressing up, we were contemplating whether or not to force him into a dress since he even succumbed to nailpolish......

Do you know how tempting it was to make Kaelan wear a dress?

Oh. So. Tempting.


Place : the Rainforest

Task : Hunt Wildboars!! not.

We reached Rainforest and ran UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT and CENTER to find our next station. Turns out, we went a whole big round. *hits head on desk*
We all became orang asli for a day and hunted wildboars mosquitoes! MUAHAHAHA. DIE, YOU PESTS! *sumpits pesky mosquitoes*

Nah, no animals or insects were harmed in this race.. I hope

Targets were required to be shot. Like Mata Kerbau ! ...Bullseye.

Our team was THE BEST EVER..

WE GOT....

0 SHOTS !!

Everything totally missed !!


It was definitely an eductional experience though. I mean, you don't see kids running around blowdarting people. Not to mention, how many times in your life will you actually use a blow dart? Especially at 16!! Today, I learnt that I don't have a career as an orang asli. I can't even ber-sumpit to save my life!


Place : Somewhere..again in the Rainforest
Task : To decifer some numbers

We were given the numbers...

276232263 / 3663 / 74448

Suddenly someone shouted 'SMS'. For a minute there was a WTH moment because 2 of the phones on hand are iPhones. *smacks head* iPhones have got QWERTY keypads instead of numerical keypads. Thus, the poor people took out their ancient phone, used the dictionary in the phone and bam!!

WE GOT IT IN SECONDS! We have never felt so accomplished that day. I mean, right after the very fail blow dart challenge, it was a definite boost to our confidence.

It was our best challenge ever!! We just had to type out the numbers and the message appeared :)


Place : Swatch

Task : Syok-sendiri once more!!

This time, we had to be actors and actresses! Ye-ah, we had to make a 30 second commercial and upload it to Facebook! Theme? Something to do with Digi Internet Broadband and Swatch watch. We were at a loss but we just threw some ideas together, fret about the lameness of the ideas (using Facebook with a watch, LOL much?), discussed in 5 minutes, shot the video, uploaded it and OFF WE WENT AGAIN to the next stage.

Thank you so much to Min Yi's parents who happened to be around to take the video for us.


Place : Digi ( duh? )

Task : Click here click there

All we had to do was go online to the Digi website and add two songs to our playlist which was one song by AKON and LADY that makes you go GAAGAAA *RAH RAH ROM MAH MAH MAHH GA GA OHH LA LA LA~~*! AND THATS IT!

Yeah, it was all about POKER FACE !!


Place : Somewhere.. over the roof top!


Our accuracy was then tested with awesome batting !! We even got tips from a real pro, the guy in blue whose name totally slipped my mind (sorry!) :D
He was so helpful that he offered to lend us his oh-so-professional bat so we didn't have to use the battered up bat that was provided.

Although its lucky charm and his tips didn't really work on us. He was telling us to CHOKE IT! in the bat, of course.
Our score was 11/60

I scored 5 times :D

Met this super smart guy, Chung Kent which was the person in charge of it.. He almost killed me! He didn't even give me a helmet to wear. So smart of him right? Hahah

He only noticed once I was done batting.

Finally, we finished the race and headed back to Mardi Gras for our last challenge andddd.... *drum roll please* Wei Yng totally died from running around barefooted all around 1Utama so the oh-so-strong and macho Kaelan, the only man piggybacked her allllllll the way back to MARDI GRAS!!

*cue round of applause because Wei Yng is very heavy despite her size. I should know because I piggybacked this woman as well.


We were running like there's no tomorrow with Wei Yng happily laughing on Kaekae's back and reached the checkpoint FIRST and realised we couldn't do the challenge as Mr. Smart Genius Smarty Pants Kaelan didn't understand the fine print of

"opens 4.15 - 5.30pm "

So ye-ah.... we missed the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CHALLENGE. When we found out, we were

.....I can't think of any more negative D words.
BUT. We were handed ....


We were required to blog about the entire event with all our experiences. That explains this super detailed post...because


Dinner was provided by the buckets! Yeah, buffet style!
Kaekae and Wei Yng were feeding me while I blogged. I was typing as fast as my fingers allowed my to and then ---

Drama errupted. The best thing in the world happened!!


That was one. But you know what's even better,???

We panicked like lost chickens. Another blogger, Shin Yee who won a Dell laptop from a different Nuffnang competition might have brought her charger, but WE COULDN'T FIND HER. We panicked even more. We had less than half an hour to submit our entries. Kaekae suggested to go to a computer shop. Off we went!

We were so desperate, we headed to the nearby Digi Centre to see if we could borrow their laptop but the officials said we couldnt.....CRAP!

We were nearly at our wit's end and close to the point of ripping hair off our heads and trust me, you do not want to see a bald Kaelan and Audrey. You might faint from the shock and never come back alive again. We were SOOOO very very desperate because time was ticking and it doesn't wait for us! We begged Sony Centre and the manager to lend us a laptop at the store

which ...the photo explains all!!


Nothing could explain the relief in our hearts.

Our worries faded away into the music and it was time to dance! 2NE1's 'Fire' came up, WOOT WOOT Kpop is taking over the world!!!
The music was blaring!

My heart could literally pop out and do a lil break dance or something

Jojo Struys took over as the emcee and did an awesome job at it. Especially at covering up her fall off the stage..


I meant, INTENTIONALLY went off. If you get my very heavy drift. ;)

After a few speeches and lots of cheering, two absolutely attractive girls walked out and did their thing. The guys' eyes popped out, tongues hung out, and..girls felt fat. It was an absolute shock for me. It was the last thing I'd expect to see on that day. Although, I gotta hand it to them...They're STRONG. Heck, its all about the stability, that's what Digi's trying to prove in a very eye catching way. ;)

Fun fact: Try hanging upside down on a pole.
I am not responsible for any injuries :D

*cue another drum roll (literally this time) It was the KL Stompers who performed!!
Very loud, very lively and synchronized :)
You have got to see it for yourself to understand what I'm talking about.
What are you waiting for?? Clicky on the video!

Winners of the previous Digi competition came to collect their mini laptops!
It was like a laptop fountain I tell you! HP minis after HP minis....after HP minis....
All we could do was take photos of them, smile, and hope like a burning bonfire that it would be us soon!

The Beacons!! ( i really thought it was bacons :X )

They won the prize for the best WAR CRY video!
They even performed it for us LIVE!
They each won a pair of headphones worth RM500! Woah.

The Digi Dolls were one of the finalists for the most DIGIFIED team.
Their matching flats, tights and masquerade masks were ab-soh-lutely c'est magnifique! We're so out of their league compared to them.

Okay, Wai Chun didn't wear those. He wore a gold hat instead. If he did, it would have been very, extremely...
awkward or unique :D
you pick.

The winners were
I thought Ash popped out of a Lion King Movie or something.
Rafia String Hoola Skirts and Springy Crowns?
You guys really put loads of effort in your outfits!
You totally deserve to win :)

They won RM300 Levis Vouchers...
I is jealouz. I iz want vouchers too. :(

One after the other, the winners of the challenges were announced.
We were slowly anticipating our name and after about 5 teams, our excitement just drained out and we started texting people, Wei Yng started to recalculate the extra mile she had to run that day...

Then...WHAK'M?! was mentioned!!

We completed the Digi Challenge the fastest among all and won ourselves..
a Philips 4GB MP3 player each!

Yay to the youngest group there!
Well..we're all 16 :) Really young compared to college people, don't you think so? Because we're still learning add maths and all... wait. We just STARTED to learn add maths.

Kudos to Digi because every contestant was given a
limited edition Prepaid Internet Sim Card.
It automatically gives you internet!
Yeah, as it says, LIMITED EDITION.'s not in stores..YET! This shows that we're exclusive and you're not ;)

But us from planet 'orang kampung ulu' people can't enjoy it :'(
Everybody say aww....


Misfortune struck because our phones don't support 3G.

It was announced that the deadline for the blog submission was extended to 11 Jan - 12am

My eyes almost popped.
My heart almost stopped.
My head almost exploded.
When i heard that.

It was time for the after party after everyone (underaged kids) started leaving... Hey, it's called after party for a reason!
The guys ATTEMPTED to pole dance and totally

very much


There was a free flow of beer, which is not really to my liking, but definitely to theirs. Well, alcohol and me don't mesh well together. And.. I'm below 18 too :D I'd probably get arrested for underaged drinking.

Some of us got tired and retreated to the oh-so-comfeh couches with plush pillows at the side.
Our ears became immune to the music or something. Hahaha

The group of Nuffnangers that were the last to leave Mardi Gras!
We were tired yes, but...
We headed to have MAMAK AFTER THAT!!
Psycho people.

thanks to the awesome team - WHAK'M?!

Today : I trusted myself to be teammates with three other people I rarely meet up with and we only contact each other via MSN or SMS. I swear, Wei Yng doesn't even know how I sound like on the phone! I was a little skeptical at the thought of working together as a team because they say that you only show your true colours when you're under stressed. TRUE THAT. I was prepared for a whole day of shouting, hating and loath, but.... you know what? We only encountered a little speed bump and that was because I was fretting about my brand new laptop baby (not even one month old, okay!!) and we were frustrated beacuse the lift was taking forever.

All in all, it was great working with them! We were efficient as a team, there wasn't any hating (not that I know off, even when Kaelan misread the fineprint). We multitasked by having Kaelan to run to the lift first because he has the stamina so we don't have to waste time waiting for the lift to arrive. Or like another time where Kaelan scouted the route to the lift where we can get to the batting cages while we made our way to the Digi Store for our next challenge AND uploading photos while tagging them at the same time. WOW. So many 'while's were used.


Kaelan, Min Yi and Wei Yng despite your appendicitis and directionally challenged complications.

of course...

DIGI & NUFFNANG!!!!!!!!!

because without you we won't be here, blogging. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 1001 hugs and kisses from Team WHAK'M?!

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