Monday, 4 January 2010

Digi Pimp My Day Video

What you're about to see will make you vomit blood and never look at me the same way ever again. If you don't wanna associate yourself with me after this it's okay.

I really want my speakers now
Headphone yeah I need them, Digi
Not to forget my modem baybeh :)

This was what me, Kaelan, Wei Yng and Min Yi were working on for the past two days. This is just the application to enter the Digi Pimp My Day sort of amazing race that will be happening on this coming Saturday.

Cross our fingers that we'll be able to join it as only the best 20 applications are able to join the race :)

Thank you to KAELAN ONG WEI ERN and WONG WEI YNG for editing of the video in only a few hours and stayed up till so late

The grandprize of the game is what we stated in our song :) So yeah, this is basically our "war cry" I know it's not exactly the best ever, but hey! We did it in 2 days. and well the closing date to submit was...2 hours ago! We made it in time :)


Seraph said...


ur my sister? =.=

*~xtra-audrey-nary~* said...

HAHAHAHA. hey sam :D my awesome loving brother :D

Jacquelyn Ho said...

haha wth u 2 siblings' comments

Jeffro said...

LMAO!! Now I've SEEN everything!

@Samuel: hahahahaha wtf