Monday, 4 January 2010

First day of school

First day of school came and my partner of 2010 is none other than my son, Chai Choon Thye :) Why am I not with Esther? Because she said she didn't wanna sit with me last year so yeah, due the odd number of guys and girls. I'm stuck with the idiot who sings throughout the day. There goes my ear drums.

En.Ismail for Chemistry!? DIE. CONFIRM FAIL!

Hopped on a bus to USJ 2 the minute school ended and met up with these humans to continue our video shoot. Min Yi, Kaelan and Wei Yng! What's this video for? It's our application to enter the Digi Amazing Race.

We definitely need a videographer didn't we ? So we got the awesome Jon Ho to help us, well he helped with transportation too if you get my drift :D Thanks for suffering for us hoho :)

headed to the big hill park and finally took our video!! You have no idea how many retakes we had to do under the scorching afternoon sun. Kaekae's hips can moveeee :O Hilarious. The grasscutters were staring at us while we were taking the video.

Super awesome photo of us ! It sucks to be the fattest of the group. Yeah, now you know which one is me. Returned back to Wei Yng's house only to discover...her house keys were gone. WE JUMPED TOO MUCH !

Thankfully the awesome hero guys ran back and found the keys. Well, they tricked us at first saying they failed. stupid idiots. they headed off to tuition and I headed home.

I got the most unexpected text of my entire life..When I read the name, I read it again and yes it was confirmed....


Audrey's dancing like a retard.
I can't wait to see you tomorrow.
You're like my bubble to my bubble tea
You're like my lemon to my iced lemon tea
You're like my syrup to my pancakes
You're like my FAT to my TISH.
That didn't make sense!

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