Saturday, 30 January 2010

First Ferriswheel

After the wedding, headed to Pyramid straightaway and met up with my awesome BFF :D

Shaun Chien Eu Ming!!
His plans were cancelled so we decided to meet up after so long!
Met Chee Kin, Khai Siang, Lawrence and Piin Khang there too
. Decided to go to McD's for lunch.
I stole his fries and he bought for me milo.
Thanks Pigkey :)

We saw this table packed with rubik cubers and their multishaped rubik cubes.
It was like a rubik cube clan or something.
Super anti social.
The entire table was quiet.
All you could hear were the clicking noises of the rubik cubes.

Decided to invite this woman over and in half an hour she appeared!
Yeah, Chia Sing again!
As if I didn't go crazy enough with her yesterday at the Boys Like Girls Concert.
But no harm right ;)?

Somehow we jumped to the topic of Avatar !
Changed the stats of my camera and Shaun became one too :)
Shaun learnt that I ain't exactly innocent today.
I learnt that Shaun is EXTREMELY sensitive.

Chia Sing and I dragged him shopping all around.
Forced him to take so many photos with girls clothes.
Facebook. Just check out the facebook man.

Shaun's first bikini. How interesting. -waves eyebrows-

We decided to go to the indoor themepark!
Yeah, the one with em bumper cars, the merry-go-round and more.
But guess which ride we rode on?

3 jakoons in the cage.
I was the most jakoon.
First time I stepped foot into a ferriswheel.
Passerbys were staring at us. watch the video if you want. HAHA

Went to the petstore after that and stared at this fattish little creature.
I named him
NOM NOM ! :)

Started crapping with Shaun and Chia Sing nonstop
but.... soon realised we had to head back home :(

The manly man Shaun took a bus back to Summit.
I took a bus back to my area
Chia Sing's mum came to fetch her.

I miss you both already!
I had an awesome day with two of you :)
Shaun, you probably never wanna hear me laugh anymore. HAHA.

Shaun Chien bring me to Italy with youu~~~

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