Tuesday, 12 January 2010

had a crazy night yesterday. yeah, kinda crazy.
Almost resorted to hitting myself with a frying pan to sleep. Haha
Thank you to Shaun and Shaun for listening to my emo crap.
and I'm sorry I broke my promise BFF :(
Okay you're gonna hate me for calling you BFF huh ?
TOO BAD BFF! hohoho. BFF!

I woke up at 6am when my alarm rings 45 minutes later.
So stupid!

Sales for Interact badges were awesome :) What's left?
Black - 9 pieces
Blue - 14 pieces
Red - 42 pieces

Get yours now!! Limited edition :)
you'll be 1 of the 100 people in the entire world to own it!

Oh yes, Sonia Kang Xiu Yi!!
Thank you for the awesome belated birthday card that moved me to tears. HAHAH. Okay maybe not but yes I smiled alot while I read the note.
Will treasure it and love it sooo much

Shaun Kang Jia Wei!!!
Haha did you like plan with your sister to give it to me on the same day or something?
Thank you for the super cute bookmark, my first metal bookmark ever :O
and your handwriting never changes does it?
always as retarded as ever! HAHAHA

thank youuu so muchhh even though you gave it like super late.
Well, you're forgiven since your ordered it from over seas :D
Appreciated that you drove all the way just to give it :)

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