Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hoho meets Aughaugh

After church, Jon fetched me along with his
brother, brother's girlfriend and brother's girlfriend's sister.
HAHAHA woah. I was shocked.


Hoho took me out for a super duper belated birthday lunch.
He was shocked that you could get to Italiannies via T.G.I.F.
He was even more shocked that you get free bread with vinegar and olive oil.

We ordered way too much and ended up with this as the LEFTOVERS.
I'm serious. Anyways, the shrimp tails there..have no shrimps.
We ate them all up :)
Just decorated the plate for fun.


Shrimp Linguine. *thumbs up*

The bill summed up to...


I felt so bad.
Yet he insisted on paying.
Thank you so much for the awesome food and of course the never ending laughter.
We probably annoyed the workers.

Went window shopping with him! Super funny. Went to SUB.
Jon : Pick out some nice dresses
Aud : Pick out some nice shirts!
Jon: how are we gonna syok sendiri?
Aud : I got a plan!!!


-both change in separate cubicles-
Aud : Jon!! Come now
-jon comes out and enters my changing room
-pose; snap; pose; snap-
Aud : Okay! go back and change into the next outfit!

we annoyed the salesgirl like crazy.

Then we were even more fattish and shared a cup of Baskin Robbins


The workers even gave us two chocolate sticks on the house!
Although I already ate one, which explains the missing stick in the photo.

Ripcurl and its obscenity.
I almost died laughing walking past the shop.
Then, waved goodbye to Hoho!


Headed back to church for leaders training then...

Dad came to fetch me! Okay not such a good photo of him. HAHA TOO BAD.
We went to Taipan for dinner :) Was a really spontaneous trip.

Sam and I went dress shopping after that around Taipan.
Failed. the only nice ones I saw were way too pricey.
I shall stick to my dress standard.

MUST BE BELOW RM100 or preferably RM50

I know I are cheap.
You don't have to tell me.

you have absolutely no idea how much I miss you.

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