Friday, 15 January 2010

It's FryDay!

The First Christian Fellowship Meeting of 2010 happened at...MY HOUSE!! Yeah, it's still unoffiicial thus where else are we to go? Yes SMK SS17 does have a CF. Games were so awesome, thanks Khai Siang! I felt like a celebrity needing to sign so many signatures.

Keith Teo was there!! Since he didn't come for CF last year, he came today! Yes an ex form 6 student came! So touched :D thanks for keeping your promise.

After the CF Committee meeting, Jess, Annesha, Xing and I headed to SS15 for Interact purposes and this little fella tailed us. It was one of my neighbours' dog. He kept following us till we like ran before he could see us. Wanted to return it but..had no idea which house he's from.

Headed to Snowflakes soon after to eat this crappy vomit looking piece of nonsense which tastes like heaven. Really! Soya Ice Series rocks! Taroball series taste like gunk :D

Of all the places we went to, we went to the orthodontist! Thanks to Annesha who wanted wax for her braces. Well, atleast it's..unique? I mean, you don't go to the orthodontist with friends every other day of the week right ;) ?

Saw this amazingly pretty large mirror there and snapped a photo..till...JESSICA'S handphone ringtone played. It blasted out so loud that the whole clinic could hear us.

Blame Esther for texting.

We finally decided to leave SS15 and head back home. Well, we make decisions and change our minds equally as fast :D.

Went to visit our Firaun Esther. We probably humiliated her till no end by screaming her name infront of her house till she came out. HAHAH. Don't kill me for the photo.

your Buruh paksa shall serve you!!

Headed home took a bath and headed to church!

Acts Teens first combined homes party of 2010 then happened! It wasn't just a homes party, but it was also The Challenge Briefing as well! New faces were there and we soon scoffed down the food which was laid out before our eyes :)

We broke up into our homes and soon started an interhomes telematch game. Teams were shouting their names while TN5 even had their mini mascot up in the sky. haha

Goal of the game : create this sandwich according to order with the ingredients provided! Easy ain't it?

Well, it definitely wasn't when we were only allowed to use our mouths to pass it on and get it ready on the plate. Practically every team failed. I think yeah, HAHA

Just when we thought the game was up, we had to eat it all. 1/2 an onion in a sandwich ain't pretty. Not to mention the mutated ginormous cucumber which looked more like a fruit by itself.

Actstream then took over with Wee Liem as the songleader! We packed up the front, jumped around and just enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Hey, it's all about God, not us :D

Remember guys, THE CHALLENGE has been postponed due to school replacements

Which means, the deadline of sign ups has been postponed too! It's now on the 29th of January!

So yeah, if you like basketball, futsal or captain ball, do sign up!

Not a sports person? join the telematches! which are random obstacle games!

A flashy person? There's also a 30 seconds to fame section and now it's FREE OF CHARGE! anyone can join, just show up and show off on that day itself and you never know


Gave my mp3 player that I won to Ken-ji, just felt generous. :)

It's kinda sweet when I see a boyfriend waiting for his girl outside of school in his car, even though he's already in college..he made time and met her during his break.

I'm happy for you Jon korkor =) I'm glad you found someone after many years. I hope you'll be happy and that you'll stick together through the thick and thin. You deserve to be happy =) I wish you all the best with her. Don't you dare to leave out any details :P

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