Monday, 18 January 2010

Kim Lai :O

Passed the gift to Daphne Khoo Sui Im. A heart filled with like few hundred hearts. Cut the paper till my fingers were good friends with blisters :) I figured that you could have everything money could buy. So I gave you my LOVEEEE. Okay so jagung-y. Sorry for the late gift though :(

Remember i was supposed to go jogging? As usual our plans detoured and ended up at Subang Parade. Why? Jess wanted to eat Rotiboy =.=

Valentines is coming around the corner.
Gosh. I just realised our whole gang is valentineless.
Esther obviously no guy can get her.
Annesha is single as well
Xing is unofficially single
Jess and I have been valentineless for 2 years.
This is gonna be our 3rd I guess?
My past two years were just friends so yeah, not counted :P
Okay fine fine. It's counted!
I don't want Shaun + Kenneth to start crying. hahaha!
Ah, you get my gist :)

Jess and I headed to the park after that and found people digging for treasure!!
Okay, just crapping.
Walked her back to her house and ran home through the thunder and lightning.
I even twittered while running.

Pro right ;)?

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