Saturday, 23 January 2010

► the laughter, ▌▌the memories, █ the pain, ◄◄ the happiness

Didn't go to school today as....

1) i totally lack sleep
2) most friends ain't going
3) there's only gonna be 4 periods of studies
4) there's PBSM before studies

sleeping in didn't really work out.
internal body clock woke me up at 9.
Did a whole lot of spring cleaning in my room.
The amount of junk I threw out.

Shaun Chien Eu Ming!
How can you text me
"you free tomorrow?
I say yes, absolutely super duperbly yes.
Then you stop replying me.
you lousy lah.
I was waiting for your text :(

Blog title stolen from Jessica's blog.
So credits to her.
Realised it was oh so true.

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