Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Muthu shopping banyak mutu

I love Puan Chong KL ! thanks to her physics totally rock ;D

Went to Pyramid with Matthew kor :) Both have our birthdays near christmas thus combined gifts ! Well, he bought me the camera casing I've been wanting as my present and I got him his earphones as his brother...smashed/drove over it ? haha

Out of a sudden this balloon blew right to me. Yeah no joke, the wind was so hard that the balloon from JCO flew out of the show for a good 15 metres and continued flying around till i caught it :D

Yes, we're one of the 20 teams that will be competing in the Digi Pimp Your Day Challenge in 1 Utama this Saturday! I'm going against my own brother!? HAHA

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