Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Eve !!

Celebrated New Year's Eve at Goodyear Court 9, which is also known as Nicholas's place! I went to the party knowing like... 4 people ? Just whack only! Make friends on new year's eve man !

We went playing in the playground like little kids, blew mini fire works here and there :O started playing retarded games involving our parents names. HAHAH. Super funny. And even watched White Chicks !

Concentration ---> constipation

The girls that made it that night! Kelly , Rushan, Callie, Lee Yuin, Yvonne, Rachel ! Yes I remember all your names ! :) You guys were awesome company that night.

and THE GUYS ! Kenneth, Anei, Farhan, Jay, Bryan, Leon, Justin, Jian, Nicholas, Sze Jie and Hock Im !! Yes I remember every single person's name. My brain almost died doing that.
I had tons of fun and this is the BEST NEW YEAR'S EVE I've ever had :)

Justin : Okay everyone shout your last bad word of 2009 !!!!

=.= !?

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