Monday, 18 January 2010

Newbies :)

Two new girls came to my class today!

1) Christine Teoh from SMK Kota Kemuning
2) Pamela Ting from SMK Bukit Jelutong
Our class has never gotten new students before so this is my first :D
You know me. Went bouncing up to the new ones saying hi and all.
Helped them around the school and etcetera!
Christine's more of the shy type
Whereas Pam's the total opposite :D

During Pendidikan Sivik
Teacher : your brother is Ashley right?
Annesha : it's Ansley!
Teacher : Whatever -.-

Random : Eh Pn Nor aSSSwah!!
Teacher : It's Pn Nor aZZZwah!!
Choon Thye : Whatever -.-


Am going jogging with Xing + Jess in about an hour?

Hahaha what happened to jogging everyday ah Audrey? :P

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