Friday, 8 January 2010

school oh school

School started,
the rain started pitter pattering down,
cool breeze filled the class,
...snores were heard.

Well, not literally. But how I wished I could have slept. It was the ideal weather for SLEEP. Doesn't really work when you have a chatterbox...i mean chatterboxES surrounding you.

Saw Shaun after school and he offered to send me home, detoured to mamak though. I crashed the meeting between him and Matthew. Budak syok-sendiri.

Just bought the manila card for the class organization chart.
Great.... what's teacher's full name again?


Shaun Kang

who blogged a birthday post for me. Really sweet of you guys. Did anyone else do so and I didn't notice? Hahaha.

Wow. The weekend's here already?
One week of school just whooshed by.
Time flies...

way too fast than it should.

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