Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sweet Sour Salty Sixteen :)

Went to school and Jeremy Chan gave me a card :) He didn't forget about my birthday after all! haha. Came back, TEN of us squashed into mum's avanza and headed to FULLHOUSE!

Birthday girl paid for everyone with her own cash. Had a crazy time and took loadsss of photos. I'm too lazy to upload all of 'em. can check it out here :)

Oh Esther Kee Pei Fern bought this awesome shirt for me from Aussie. Totally love it :) It speaks the TRUTH!

"I'm not short, i'm fun size! :D "

Thanks wifey :)

Split up and headed to the arcade. Derrick totally sucks in driving. Every single game. he CANT not get last. Michelle got 2nd out of all the guys. woah.

Jonathan Lim!! yes I sorta got to celebrate my birthday with you. minus the part that you were the one serving me and cleaning up my plates. Thanks for forgetting about my birthday! HMPH. What kind of brother are you. HAHAH actually wait. just the right one. my real brother forgot too.

Thanks to the whole GGB gang who made it as well as all you girls who were there. You made my 16th a really memorable one. The money I spent on you guys was worth it :) You're one bunch of irreplacable retards you know that? Haha I love you guys :)

random fact.
I'm getting so many "late wishes" because I put my real birthday on my facebook profile.

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