Sunday, 3 January 2010


Went to church and the awesome possum teens and of course adult leaders broke out into song~ like those bollywood movies. Hahaha nah, they were singing Happy birthday. an early one for me. Thank you bianca so much for the Starbucks muffin and joben for the impromptu chocolate wafer stick..that became my candle. Creative.

Headed to Wei Yng's house together with Min Yi and Kaekae to discuss about our video for our Digi Amazing Race Application :D Retardation broke lose. You so do not want to watch the videos we took. Not finished yet, video shooting will continue tomorrow! Great, gotta rush back from school to USJ 2.

James Bond photo of Kaekae. Not bad ah you got two older women by your side ! HAHAHA.
Well who asked you to get born on August 19 :D hee.

On the way back to the bus stop bumped into this fella ! yeahhh li jian :D hahaha. Feet is on the verge of sprouting blisters. walked wayyyy too much today in inappropriate shoes. Oh, I walked back from Parade in the rain which got heavier and heavier.



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