Thursday, 14 January 2010

wormy. attack.

Little innocent ol' me was walking into my kitchen
Switched on the light and saw some dirt on the floor.
"why's it so dirty??" I thought.
I took a closer look and screamed my head off

Rushed to my laptop and twittered and hurried back to the kitchen.
What did I see???

These awesome critters in between my kitchen tiles. Why? Someone accidentally knocked down the bucket of worms and didn't realise!
So I did..after they travelled a good one quarter of the kitchen.

There were easily more than 50 worms all over the floor and need I remind you, they're


I gathered all my courage that I could find..
and picked them up...


Every cell in my body felt like screaming.
So ironic, I just watched the episode of Spongebob and Wormy earlier.

If you're wondering why I have worms in my kitchen,

It's because I have this as a pet.
It's called a
sugar glider

His diet : fruits..and..


So yeah, go figure -.-

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