Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Taylors Lakeside Campus

Went to Taylor's Lakeside Campus for the very first time and it was extremely beautiful.
The checkerboard grass, the lakeview, the glass walls and there was even a stream with fish in it :)

The whole reason we went there was to get SERVED by our very own Samuel Chew :)
Yeah, he was once again on duty as a waiter at his mock restaurant also known as


adorable no ?
Since they were still having their briefing inside, the view was too beautiful to leave it without snapping a photo. The place wasn't exactly high heels friendly, had to keep watch so they didn't plunge into the soil. HAHA.

I got my camloving genes from my one and only mum.
Yeah, she took way more photos than me okay! hahahaha
We were super jakoon.
College students there were staring at us like crazy.

Finally they opened the doors and we rushed in :O!
Since it's a new place, it's a whole new OPEN concept too!
We were able to see the kitchen from where we sat!
All the walls were glass :O
So we could definitely see if they were to spit into someone's dish

HAHAH Just kidding.

Sam was the mocktail planner for the night,
a mixture of Ribena, juices and sprite :D
I practically tasted 5 types of variations yesterday.
He kept mixing them at home to get the best concoction.

Appetizer arrived,
Nicoise Salad!
I almost died laughing when I heard it.
White chicks the movie played in my head.
You know the lame joke Megan and Heather did when they tried to diss the other girls?
HAHAHA. Sorry. Just couldn't stop laughing.

Main Course was Chicken Rice !
Okay, the name was wayy..... fancier than that.
It's so fancy I can't remember what it was!
But basically, it's chicken rice.
But the sauce that came with it, was like PURE HEAVEN.
Funny part is?


Western style of eating. Why make life hard?
Dessert came and we had Banana Flambe AGAIN !?
The previous time we came we had Banana Flambe as well.
They're just so meticulous, they had to deskin the bananas with utensils.
Super crazy. I'd probably drop them all over the floor.

What's flambe without a flame ;) ?
Our table was the first table to do it which made practically everyone stare :)
Thanks Sam for the awesome performance. YEAH.
Which almost burnt my hair. HAHA.

The night ended with a cuppa hot tea or coffee :)
The crockery was so unique.
The tea in the cup travels all the way through the cup handle !


Took a a photo and headed off!
Sorry Victoria I only saw your text after I left and couldn't say hi to Sam for you :)

I'm so sorry towards all those that I've snapped to lately
Stress kinda been running through my veins.

I'm trying to be the happiest I can,
Hoho will kill me if I don't.
He'll even take revenge for me!!
inside joke. Jon Ho oh Jon Ho. Can't believe you really did that.

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