Thursday, 23 September 2010

Amsterdam Day 1

Had about 45 minutes of sleep and mum, Sonya and I headed over to Cork which is about a 2 hours drive to catch our plane to Amsterdam.

To make matters even "better" the plane was delayed for an hour due to fog!
After that the flight was about 1 and a half hours. Then guess what???


The fog was worse than they expected, so bam, another hour of delay! How awesome is that?

Oh yeah, whille we were checking in , we met three people using sign language . So I was amused and tried showing my sister what I learned in class...

I just didn't know they were looking at me as well

Suddenly the guy tapped me on the shoulder and they started talking to me in sign. Although I hardly knew anything, it was so cool cos I could actually put what I learned in school to good use!

It was good :D cos he didn't know the plane was delayed so I was able to tell him :D

Reached Amsterdam to discover the wonders of deciphering Dutch. As well, most of the things were in Dutch. The trains were really punctual though so we managed to get ourselves to Amsterdam Lelylaan And a big thank you to Google Maps cos without you we wouldn't have been able to find where our "awesome" hotel was.

After eating a hearty Egyptian lunch which was REALLY good. A toasted sandwich with some sort of meat fillet salad and a toasted hot spicy chicken pitta totally hit the spot ! Noms.

Then we started exploring Amsterdam Central and seeing loads of art, graffiti and discovering tons of different places as we had no map at all :D!

We then went on a canal ride throughout the city of Amsterdam discovering the history of different things. It was actually interesting but due to practically no sleep, I almost nodded off to sleep. But then I took photos to prevent myself from doing so :P

One thing about Amsterdam, it's practically flooded with bicycles and I mean FLOODED! There are more bikes than cars or pedestrians. Everywhere around you are places for bicycle parking. Like for instance this building holds up to 2500 parked bicycles everyday!

During the canal ride we were able to see loads of gables on top of the houses and there were several different designs like for instance this one was the step gable. Looks as if it's a staircase? That kind of thing :) There were bell shaped ones, neck shaped ones and more :)

You know how we have vending machines for snacks and drinks? Here we found vending machines for hot food! There were sausages, crocquettes and all kinds of munchies. All you had to do was as usual, insert some coins and poof :D there you go! yummy hot food. Hahah it was definitely a sight to see as I've never ever laid eyes on such a thing before.

There were swirls as well which are sort of like Mcflurry's? But this shop had tons of variety. Sonya and I had a mixture of banana, peach, vanila ice cream, cranberries, strawberries, cherries, mini waffles and nuts all in one big yummy swirl :)


the banana peach ice cream was definitely nice. you know how sometimes chocolate and vanilla can seem too normal?

The rest of the day was practically spent by walking around doing some souvenir shopping and as I've heard, Amsterdam is the central of all drugs and wow, drugs were actually sold practically
There were canabis cookies, opium, marijuana, really everything was available. It just seemed extremely bazaar to me.

Towards the end of the day, things went alil lower as I realised several things.

1) The strawberries we bought were slightly strange
2) I forgot to bring an adapter for my laptop so its life span was dependent on the battery
3) The guy at the hotel was supposed to give me free wifi but now his colleague said no

I'm gonna go sleep now.
I'm angry :D

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