Thursday, 23 September 2010

Amsterdam Day 2

After all the very depressing states of the hotel, we had very low hopes towards the breakfast spread.
But we were wrong :D The breakfast compensated for every other fault the hotel had.


Freshly baked bread the size of a laptop with tons of hot food, cold meats, cereal and a salad bar :)

After a scrumptious breakfast headed for our 25 minute walk to the train station and you know what's the weird thing?

You know how most train stations would have a slot for the card for you to pass through the gates? At all the train stations just walk through. the gate never closes. So ticket or no ticket, you're in.

The people must be really trustworthy :O

We headed over to Amsterdam Central to catch our tour bus and realised we had missed it just by a few minutes. But thank goodness we were able to reschedule it to later in the afternoon.

So basically we just started walking all around! 


Is the place in my photo and that gigantic building, is a restaurant :O

There was a joke store as well with all kinds of cartoon figurines and I saw


Haha super cute. Imagine Darth Vader and Anakin fighting with chopsticks. HAHAHA oh man that would be funny. Chinese versions of them :)

Then the extremely famous red light district area. Where in broad daylight hookers and prostitutes would be posing through the windows for their customers to come and buy them.

My eyes BURNED when I first saw them. As well. not all of them were hot. There was a certain person who was...slightly *cough* very *cough* overweight and she was wearing lingerie. Thus, it was a rather lumpy painful sight.

We went round and round in circles thanks to a misunderstanding to find the Rembrandt House. We didn't know it was literally two doors beside some cafe named Rembrandt Corner.

Rembrandt was a famous Dutch painter and etcher and mum liked some of the stuff and got some etchings as well as a paper doll house :)

We then headed to the Flower Market also known as bloemenmarkt in Dutch. There were loads of flowers everywhere. Even on the ceilings they were tied up. There were loads of wooden tulips as well as..

plant your own drugs :O

So yeah, drugs over here in Amsterdam are as common as food in Malaysia. Haha practically everywhere! there were even hash brownies, canabis cookies, opium sweets and loads of


there were even different levels of mushrooms on which would you give you more hallucinations lol.

In the old days , the Chinese used to load and stoke the coals on the ships but once it vanished, the Chinese people started opening all the restaurants which made us definitely happy :)

There were loads of local chinese pastries like Yu Za Kwei , Egg Tarts and more :D and loads of hanging ducks and pork hahaha

Of course our tummies were rumbling and we headed to nom! The shop was actually one of the most reasonable ones there and there was even dim sum! As it was really pricey we just had one plate of Siew Mai  (pork dumplings)

Finally it was time for us to go on the tour and our first stop was Zaanse Schans where they have well-preserved old fashioned windmills which hardly can be seen in the city anymore. We also learned that there are two types of windmills!

One to grind corn !
One to pump water!

Other than that there was a live demonstration of the making of klompens which are the wooden clogs famously known in Holland :) I took a short video of it so you can watch it from the comfy seats of your home :)

got jealous as well thus they demanded that they'd get some wooden clogs as well! HAHA yeah there are clogs for horses as well! Bet you didn't know that ;)

We heard snorting in a certain area and saw little black patches in the green and realised they were


Hahaha. baa baa black sheep. Well, I've only seen white sheep up to now so after 16 years :) i now know nursery rhymes dont lie.

Next stop was 


Yes all those yellow dots behind me make a beautiful and DELICIOUS background as well ;) There was a lady dressed up in the traditional costume explaining to us all about how they make the famous Dutch cheese

Took a lil video of her as well as my favourite part of the tour :D 


Finally after all these years I know the tastes of several different cheese ranging from the typical cow's cheese to sheep's cheese to the very much liked goat pesto cheese. that was definitely on the very top of my list ;)

I'm a milk churn woo.

At the end of the cheese farm tour, we were allowed to purchase as much cheese and stroopwafels as we desired :) Who has never tasted a stroopwafel has NEVER LIVED!!

Volendam the fishing village 
was our 3rd stop where we were then given time to walk around shopping and trying out the local delicacies. We stopped by this fast food store but it was all seafood such as mussels, prawns and so on.

Which, is our FAVOURITE...till we realised how much it cost.
12 euro for one small plate = RM48.

Another thing famous at the village were the mini pancakes. they have a radius of probably 3cm ? They were served with different types of syrup or ice cream. They even had Egg Liqueur. Eww. gross.

RAW EGG. eww.

Finally we boarded the boat which was part of the tour as well to the other side of the lake, Marken. We were able to see the waves crash, the seagulls flying about and the beautiful sunset as well :)

As soon as we got to the other end, our bus picked us up and soon we headed back to Amsterdam.

On the way back, the tourguide explained how 30% of Netherlands is actually made up of polders. What are polders? They are reclaimed land ! Which means, it's man made land where there was actually water there to begin with. Thus the people say,

God created the world, but the Dutch created Holland.

Haha don't take it seriously ;) just a funny slogan.

Throughout the entire bus ride back I was busy texting Shaun K and Ken-Ji! Funniest part was Shaun called me for 3 seconds while I was in the bus and I couldn't scream out of happiness. So I like bottled up the laughter incase the whole bus stared at me. Lol.

The sunset and rose and finally we had to say goodbye to Amsterdam and hello to Cork. The horrible part was we had to sit on the bus for 2 hours to Limerick and another half hour journey back to Killaloe.
Amsterdam was great :)

The fonts are now being coloured easily without copying and pasting. THANK YOU GOD. 

Oh and guess what, 
I got a Saturday job without even applying for it. 
Johnie from my church recommended me to his friend and now I'm a piano teacher on Saturdays :) 9 euro an hour :D Thank you so much Johnie :D 
Once again, thank you God!

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