Friday, 17 September 2010

guitar revamped

The entire class of
..oh wait Katie didn't come today!! SO THE FULL CLASS ISN'T HERE.

Oh man :( I guess we have to take another photo :D

Today we hardly had any homework..wait actually we didn't get any did we?
YEAHHH. Today everyone was still yawning and slightly zombified due to all the partying from Junior Cert results. Those who went down to Queens ( it's like a club for under 18s)

Noel collected his Junior Cert Woodwork project and it was so unique. Yeah he made everything on his own in only two weeks. It's a guitar-shaped bookshelf and if you look closely at the frets, you can slot CD cases there. I was just staring at it and my eyes were about to pop out.

Awesome eh?

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