Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hands & Feet @ JZ

When you go to a place we all want warmth, a hug, a friendly handshake. Well, this one was in a cast. Haha Keith broke his arm and still he came to help out at Jamzone! First thing I grabbed was the marker to put my awesome signature on his cast.

I have a thing for casts!
well I had one when I was 4 :D

Today at church it was all about using our hands & feet to help clean up all around and do little odd jobs which would make a tremendous difference. So we all broke up into lil groups and soon started doing work!

Some moved all the chairs away and gave the carpet a good old vacuum !

Others hand to do a lil mucky job and got their hands all dalmationised ! Ooh I like the word. just thought about it on the spot. Like how we got black paint all over ourselves? :)

The alphabets spell out


they're all wood and we're gonna put 'em up on the church wall later :D!

Since we have a backyard as well with sports equipment and all, we gotta maintain them as well o the guys started to change the two broken football goalposts into a spanking good one as well as clean up the basketball hoop.

Whereas some of the more techy people sat down and scanned through all the past photos of Jamzone to compile an awesome video to show during church this Sunday as it's gonna be


But before we did all that we played a game called ninja, basically we're all in a circle, and we only get to move once and aim to hit another persons hand, and if you succeed, they're out :D

So took a mini video of what happened during the came together with what happened after church :)

Our typical hang out spot,


Some bought food, some didn't..which pinched other people's food :D

Then I got all hyper, why ? I was seeing water vapour in the air as I spoke. You know how in the movies during winter when people talk you can see water vapour in the air? Well, to me, it was only in movies, and this is my first in my entire life, that I saw it happen!

OH IT WAS FIVE DEGREES BY THE WAY :) and it's not even winter yet darn it.


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