Sunday, 12 September 2010

happy birthday Josman & Chee Kin

Happy Birthday Josman ;)

Knowing you was one of the best things ever. Regretfully we got closer just when I was about to leave. I'll never forget that you were the only guy whoever made me sit through an entire football match and watch it.

Not to forget you're the one who Skyped me during the world cup finals 2010 so technically I was watching it with you :)

It's so funny that I'm talking to you more now when I'm a million miles away from you.

i miss you Josman

Happy Birthday Ho Chee Kin

My friend since I was eleven, funny how we clicked so well when we didn't meet each other till a year later :) Then we had crushes on each other but never knew HAHA! I'll never forget all the times I went over to your house and watched you guys play video games and oh when you taught me how to play mahjong!

Haha! I forgot how to play already!!

ANYWAY, yes cut the long story short.

I miss your uncleness,
I miss you
Happy birthday :)

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