Monday, 27 September 2010

Inbox Explosion

Miss Noeske (or however you spell it I'm not too sure) stepped into class today with a big grin plastered on her face. Filled with confidence and pride displaying her moo-a-thon shirt that her darling husband had made specially for her.

She had completed 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles i'm not too sure which category she joined but it was a marathon for charity! She not only completed it, but returned with a metal cow medal which had eyeballs that could shoot out rays of light HAHAH. 

Who wouldn't want a cow medal? :D 

Katie came in with nails that made me go speechless. I was even more blown away when I heard that Lena was the one that did it for her! It was so pretty :) English here is on such a high level compared to when I was in Malaysia, I have three different subjects just revolving around English. Man it's tough. 

Have to buck up soon.

Yesterday I felt alittle...or alot, homesick, or you may call it 

There was a sudden pang, a gunshot through my heart yesterday and realised I just wanted to let people know I love them so I sent out texts to people, i just scrolled through my contact list and picked out a few and just sent a simple

"I miss you" text before I headed to bed.

The next morning, as I was at school, my phone kept vibrating constantly and my phone inbox actually got full..(well my Malaysian phone is a brick phone that can hardly keep texts) I received about 100 text messages from Malaysia.

Thank you,
Jon Ho, Shaun Chien, Matthew Chan, Brandon Shia, Daphne Khoo, Xing, Michelle Loh, Amanda Leong, Esther Kee, Chee Kin, Keith Yong, Jeremy Chan, Ben Choong, Brian Ong, Annesha, Charissa, Choon Thye, Mun Hong, Kaelan, Wei Yng, Cammie, Amanda Ooi, Ian Quek, Samuel Saw, Jessica Hwang, Alvin Ong, Pamela Teh, Sing Peng, Kelvin Khoo, Ben Wong, Joben and Chia Sing

Kelvin for sending the text that almost made me cry, and texting me throughout the whole day.
Alvin for sending the funniest text " Is this Audrey? " then later sending " Oh sorry, wrong number. "
Ian for sending the most memorable line, 

"everytime I chew I think of you:) "

Oh and some of my very closest friends were not in the list :) cos well, I text them or chat with them rather often so yeah :P it'll be weird to suddenly say i miss u when i talked to you like 2 hours ago :P

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