Thursday, 16 September 2010

JC Results Celebration & Orla's Bday

Jade picked me up and headed down to Tsang Dynasty to celebrate the Junior Certificate Results!!! Yeah, it's nothing like celebrating an exam you

didn't even sit for!!

Hahahaha. It was real fun, a humongous rowdy bunch awaited us and everyone was
dressed to impress
Girls in pretty dresses, skirts, killer heels and make up on.

Chinese Food!
my favourite. Well, other than Japanese food which I highly crave right now. The world is never right without plates of sushi and bowls of soba.

Looking at the menu, I asked myself, what should I get. Mum cooks most of them at home anyway..Then it hit me,

Sweet & Sour Pork!

Mum doesn't make it much since Uncle Mike doesn't like it..So yes I ordered it! And I couldn't even finish it all because the serving was humongous. Although it could never beat the one served in the SS15 Kwai Sn shop :)

An attempted Failed group photo of balancing the camera on a fire alarm box. It's missing one person! Oh well, we had tons of fun, everyone was scoffing down their food and everyone decided to use chopsticks even eating fried rice.

I being the most un-chinese person even though I am 100% Chinese,


Made a compiled video of what we did there, speeches, playing with chopsticks and me teaching them how to do the traditional

yam seng!

After paying the 409 bill, Marie, Emma and I headed over to Orla's place to have a sleepover! Little did we know her mum was planning a surprise little birthday party for her. It was so adorable.

Home made brownies
stacked up on each other with white icing decorated with strawberries and candles spelling out happy birthday.

Her mum went on a baking spree and also baked fresh meringues with a big jug of cream along with chopped strawberries and grapes to go along with. I felt so guilty scoffing the whole lot down especially since it was almost gonna be midnight.

But hey...once in awhile right...:D?...

Okay i'mma go chop myself now. lol.

We watched a super RANDOM movie..which I even forgot the title...important part was, I was sitting by the fire place, warm, hearing the crackles of the fire. First time I've ever experienced this.

Sitting on a warm rug curling up in a ball leaning on a humongous furry bean bag. After long hours of talking nonsense we finally went to sleep.

4 girls on 1 queen sized bed = catastrophe
(scary kicks,punches & rolling around at night and annoying alarm clocks which we forgot to turn off)

Woke up the next morning and took TOO MANY PHOTOS. Hahah we were playing around with all of Orla's accessories ranging from masquerade masks to ginormous plastic heart shaped glasses.

Breakfast was scrumptious. Chocolate Chip cereal with homemade fresh crepe pancakes with lemon and sugar.

Oh her mum's cooking rocks..

Then her mum decided to go up to the mountains so we went all the way to the top and it was


Hoodies and all making me look extra monstrously lumpy didn't matter anymore. Because my hands were so cold I thought they were gonna drop off. The view was


Fizz her adorable dog came along as well :) Running all across the plains.

Finally we came back and hung around Orla's GIGANTIC garden. When I mean big, I mean
Tons of apples everywhere which Emma and I started to pick and munch. But best part of this whole sleepover was, I got to know them so much more! And the things we talked about.

too much to state!

Headed out with Darragh after that and I got all super duper hyper when I saw the rainbow as I was crossing the bridge. Darragh offered to take a photo and I was running like mad to the right spot before the rainbow faded away.


Anyway, aside from that guess what?
Not a single Transition Year student went to school today. except for Darragh, Dan & Marie that went in at the first break but then the teachers asked them to go home during lunch.



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