Wednesday, 15 September 2010

J.C. results

During Photography today we had to take down some stupid notes which we already did last time. to make it worse , Sean and I wrote the whole first page in our books and then guess what,

She asks to write it all over again on that paper.

Fantasies of stabbing her flew through my mind :D

Oh yes, today it was dear Orla's birthday! Her Sweet 16 and the best part is her birthday present is a flight to

Paris to SHOP!
I mean, what kind of person gets that for their birthday!!!! Oh gosh :( lucky. We were supposed to sing her happy birthday during Irish class in Irish..

what happened to the plan???

Most of my classmates today or probably all could not concentrate anyway cos it was their

Junior Cert Results Day

Like for us Malaysians, it's the same as our PMR :) SO yeah you get the feeling. But what's worse was they had to wait till 3pm to get their results !! HAHAH. So I went around videotaping the havoc ;)

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