Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kopi morning :)

Gave half my lunch to Jess today since she forgot to bring money :) Haha and she was super shocked that I did cos it's probably not their culture over here. Thinking if I gave it to Jessica HWANG. to eat my lunch, she'd probably run off with the entire tupperware and scoff the whole lot and come back smiling with pieces of chicken stuck in her teeth.

Yeah that sounds like her alright. Haha.

Today was our turn to have the coffee morning and everything went mad. Oh thanks Sean for the photo cos everything was too hectic for me to remember to take photos.

1) Dan went to a competition so he wasn't there
2) Orla fell sick so she wasn't there
3) Scott didn't want to participate.

So technically it was just James, Eoin & I I left. Thank God Marie & Amy helped out or I'd have died.

Then to make matters worse I realised I forgot to bring the cups! so I actually ran home from school. So cool, we're actually allowed to be out of school, just have to inform the office. Unlike in Malaysia when our parents would have to come and sign the form......
Anyway we sold everything!

thanks to all those who bought fooddd :D


Seraph said...

LOL they dont share? HAHAAA and ur copy pasting ur words again? LOL

a.c.e. said...

YALAHHH lol. not as much as us asians do. not exactly how i can simply scoff ur food or you run away with mine :P haha. and YESS OMG STILL COPY PASTING LAHHH :( gila tak syok