Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lost my heart to a Galway girl

Mum randomly said we were heading out and realised we were going over to Galway . Most of you who watched or read PS. I Love You, you would have probably heard of this place. Opened the car door and Voosh! the wind was enough to blow you away, it was so dead strong and not to mention the showers.

There were tons of live advertisements by the road like people dancing along the streets with catchy tunes :)

There was even a sand sculptor there and he was doing the sphinx. First think that popped into my mind,

Sunway Pyramid!

The typical hangout spot in Subang Jaya, the mall that had EVERYTHING, which became such a bore to us all. Shops, restaurants, bowling, archery, ice skating, movies, theme parks, it had it all but yet, we complained.

We saw this guy, dressed up in tip top shape and of course he stood out like a sore thumb in the middle of the streets. Went up to take a photo with him then he told me he was doing this for
Arthur Guinness Day

In my head I was going all

"oh...I remember Sam telling me about this"

Then, something caught my eye, like clothes to a shopaholic.


Finallly!! After almost 3 months without Japanese food. I'm a sucker for Japanese food, probably my favourite food ever. Sushi, teppanyaki, teriyaki, soba, udon, ramen, sashimi, you name it, i'll eat it ;)

Although Sakae Sushi would totally pawn it, it was like heaven from above.

After walking around for awhile at the shopping centre sat down for some
Hot chocolate!

Mum ordered this normal sized cup while Uncle Mike ordered a slice of apple pie which came with a mini cup of cream. In the end we cleaned out the cup and put some hot chocolate in it just for the sake of snapping a photo.


After the two hour long drive, we reached home to see stalkers outside my house. Haha! Aisling & Vanessa were sitting outside the post office (which is my next door neighbour). Then we headed over to Cafe Latte just to chill and talk.

Noel then came with his spanking new dog, Rupert! A ginormous Saint Bernard that had a heart of a teddy bear. His fur was so soft and warm I just kept rubbing him to defrost my hands.

He was just absolutely beautiful and so friendly, and lazy as well! hahah he just plopped on the ground. But if he ran and you were holding the leash, you'd probably be in heaven in a few seconds. You'd die.

After awhile, Ronia , Darragh & Jade came in as well but after that we just headed over to the park and sat on my now favourite swing of all, the one that can hold three people lying down.

Had a great time talking absolute nonsense with Aisling & Noel :)

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