Saturday, 11 September 2010


Cafe Latte supposedly to meet up for our mini company meeting which kinda failed as Sean couldn't come in the end due to a unfortunate event. So well in the end we just hung out there and talked for awhile.

Oh I tried playing guitar again.

four baby. four.

Definitely not as much as Conor.. duh. But it was sort of dead today so we headed off early and ended up hanging at Darragh's place...we were supposed to watch a movie which failed as we started going online doing random stuff.

Walked back home and I know I look like some Terrorist. Is it just me or it's dead freezing at night now. it's getting worse and worse. Thanks Darragh for the extra head coverings which made me look like a total retard :) Just realised what was on it after looking at the photo.

Today I stared up into the sky and my heart fell in love all over again. I've never seen that many stars lighting up the entire sky :)

If only there was a shooting star eh ?

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