Saturday, 25 September 2010


Wellingtons of all designs and patterns ranging from plain old farmer ones to comic strips. Why were we all up in our gear?

Our class headed out for horse riding for our P.E.!

Something yours truly has never done unless you count when I was five sitting with my dad on a pony walking along the beach. 

Intriguing yet fearful.

What if I fall of?
What if I can't even get on the horse!?

Alec was his name. he trotted along, in between those cones occasionally making my butt fly up and down in the air. Learned the basics of how to make a horse start and stop. i'm making it sound as if it's a machine.

Anyway, start by gently kicking the tummy and make a clicking noise with your mouth. To stop you go WOAHHH. hahahahahahahah. seriously. I even managed to steer the horse in between the cones!

Took a short video of what we did as basics and check out the horse with a neck problem. :D
Almost 3/4 of the class were already rather experienced with horse riding so they could actually gallop around without a problem. Thankfully no one fell off :) 

Nonetheless, it was good craic. (gosh Audrey is using Irish slang

Definition based on Wikipedia.
Craic or crack is a term for fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland.

Go wiki! 

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