Monday, 13 September 2010


At school we have all kinds of things. Like people interrupting other people's photos using french fries. Not only is it new and creative. It tastes good thing. woohoo.

Culprit : Alex

Today we had dance rehearsals again with Edel but this time it wasn't as crazy. Had tons of fun anyway :)

Took a photo that had a few wrong aspects.

1. Gay
2. Incest
They're cousins although it's hard to believe.

Aside from that,
Walked to school in the rain ; during the break it was raining ; while I was walking after school it didn't rain! then once I stepped back out to go to the supermarket it started pouring.

Oh today took some random videos at school on how NOT
to use a gym mat and how to realise that I'm actually taking a video not a photo :)

on purpose :)

Today we finally put up posters of our Coffee Morning as tomorrow I'm on duty!! So designed a simple poster using Adobe Illustrator, printed it, photocopied it and sent James and Eoin to pin them all around school! :)

Just finished baking chocolate muffins for tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes fine!

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