Thursday, 30 September 2010

shush! eeee :D

Mum came back with a box full of surprises which made my tummy run up and down, do a little jig, you get the point. The last time I had sushi?


Japanese food is my FAVOURITE FOOD. I mean who can't love sushi? Most people in Ireland don't anyway, so far I've only found one, Sean Hayes. Other than that, they cringe at the idea of it.

I wouldn't mind a bowl of tempura now ;)

Hung out by the lake during lunch, a spot I never went for lunch before. 

Had a sense of accomplishment today.
1) Finally finished my debate "Zoos should be banned" and we were against the motion and won :D
2) Got the employers confirmation for my first week of work experience
3) Sent in my letter for my 2nd week of work experience, hopefully I'll get it!
4) Got some things done for my mini company project, although it's just the beginning.

 work experience 
is like a time where we will go out and work during school hours, having real jobs and stuff :) In total for this year we'll have 4 weeks of it. Malaysia should do this :) Gives loads of open doors and experiences.

Yesterday, a big part of my life returned to Malaysia. Worst part was I didn't even get to say goodbye. She said she'd leave around six so when I returned at home from school at 5:15 I thought I'd be in time, but what I  saw was an 

empty room.

Goodbye Sonya :( 
I'll see you next year. It was really nice having my sister with me for the past two months. Helped me alot with adapting, knowing that I could be myself, a total psycho with Manglish stuck between my teeth. But I guess it couldn't have been forever :(

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