Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sleepover at JamZone !

Jamzone Youth had a sleepover and they have it every few months but this is my first! Firstly we were split up into groups and were scattered around Shannon doing 
ridiculously crazy tasks.

As for my group, we had to get as many cars to honk/beep at us. Lorries were all more the welcome :)

Check out the video to see how much effort we put into it!
 We even made a sign to wave at passerbys. Some people were really cool about it and honked for like five times. Although there were party poopers who just stared at us like we were nut cases.

The fun went on as Lezanne started the 
Fear Factor, Food Style!
Onions, a cup of BBQ sauce, Bananas with gravy powder or just eating a whole plate of chicken stock powder.

Some ended up spitting it all out.
  I saw garlic flying in the air :)

Here are some snippets of people suffering.

Some people find it joyful to see others in pain !


Little Juanet was definitely the legend. She saw the pampers filled with mucky brown stuff that looked really like poo. But She knew it was chocolate anyway and indulged in it without making a sound or face.

Whereas the guys were all going 


Yet another new experience to me. Believe it or not, I have never had a karaoke session in my entire life. Like a proper one with a microphone and with friends. Not the "follow the bouncy ball on the tv screen" when I was five.

It was superb because we used Youtube as our helper and had practically any song in the karaoke version !

Took a lil mixed up video of different events throughout the night. Singing, breathing and
  dancing with toilet paper?!

Well that's definitely something you don't see everyday...unless you do and you stare at yourself in the mirror. Oh man that's disturbing. Sick and wrong man. Sick and wrong.

The clock was ticking and it was probably two in the morning. What does every normal person do at two in the morning? Well, they would be in their beds snuggling under a warm comforter.

We on the other hand, went to 

We were given 50 cent and 30 minutes to...
1) Find the cheapest edible item there
2) Buy the most edible items with 50c
3) Make the best dish with those items

Some bought a can of spaghetti for 35cent. Some bought A grape for 5cent. 

What an expensive grape!

Finally when the clock struck four in the morning we headed back to church to gather into our warm cocoons. Well, some of us that is. I had to share mine thanks to a certain someone. Watched a random movie till we fell asleep. I think I got around 2 hours of sleep?

Well better than nothing right?

intense bright lights came on and my eyeballs dried into lil pulps.. 
only to hear a thundering voice from above...

God...Is that you??

Fat hopes. It was Elton shouting 

Soon after everyone headed back home..except me. 

Today was my first day of work as an official piano teacher. Just five minutes away from my church is a music centre called Cesar's Music, Shannon! Johnie from my church recommended me to his friend Chris without me even knowing and then I got offered a job! Thank God :)

I had two students today, Vadim an adorable Polish boy and Cheska a pretty little Philipino girl who is actually from my church as well! :)

SO YEAH! If anyone is interested in learning basic piano playing contact me!
If I'm not mistaken it's 
€15 per hour at Cesar's.
 I'll charge €12 if you want me to teach you personally in Killaloe/Ballina ! or anywhere near this :)

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