Sunday, 19 September 2010

teh tarik oh teh tarik :)

Went to church and had a really wonderful time of praise and worship. Today the service was mostly run by Jamzone Youth which was great. Everyone on the worship team, PA system, welcoming committee were all from the youth! It was a really great time and we even had a video compilation of all our photos at the end of the day!

Elton gave a really powerful word today about the power of our tongue. Words from our mouth can both bless and curse someone. so watch what you say!

4 points to remind us
1) Talk less, listen more
2) Think before you talk
3) Speak positively
4) Check your motive

Headed out with Darragh and took quite a number of photos of things but I ain't gonna post em up cos I'll be using it for my Photography project :D So we'll wait till probably next week? I'm gonna compile 20 photos together. hopefully they're good enough. It's hard to look for good shots when you're actually looking for em.

Snails are cool.

guess what I found!!!!!



Finally, tea that I actually adore. Irish tea tastes like water to me (No offense to those who adore irish tea. good for you :D) . Nothing like a good ol' cup of teh tarik to give the feel of the ol' mamak store ;)

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