Friday, 29 October 2010

Bakarla Bakar :)

Today at Jamzone we had a bonfire! Well it wasn't exactly what I imagined. In my head I imagined a fire with a radius of I don't know...5 metres? But nah it was just a metal tong being with fire in it.

The whole idea was to just throw anything into the fire that you think was burdening your heart, or that you know that thing is straining your relationship with God, be it music you listen to, or a personal temptation or even a relationship :)

Meet the future Justin Bieber. Doesn't he look like it ? Hahaha! Well his name is Duward a.k.a Bieber. He's got the hair, the looks, the voice I doubt it...But still :) Looks like him.

I actually took some really horrible photos of him, but he bribed me with an apple pie in McDonald's.
Apple pie won :)

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