Sunday, 3 October 2010

businessy eh

Boarded all on the bus with hearts filled with excitement as we were able to doss school! oh yes, doss is a word for ponteng. I never knew there was such a word other than playing truant. Dossing doesn't sound as sophisticated as it, so yeah it works well.

All of the T.Y.s, first years and alil of the fifth years headed to the business enterprise gathering along with other schools where we were able to learn how to manage our mini company as well as motivational talks by local businessmen.

Got into our teams and discussed what ever we had to settle, Team awesome possum, Sean Hayes, Noel Mc Inerney, Darragh O'Riordan and moi.

And no. that is not our actual company name thank you very much :)

Not to forget a mini arcade down the hall at the hotel we were at. But playing is so expensive. it's like 1 euros per token which is like rm4 to play one game of daytona. I'm like WHATTTT.

SO yeah, just stopped and stared :(

Free buffet lunch was provided for us all..which I doubt is actually free, they probably sucked it out of our transition year fund anyway. But hey, atleast we had a playground to play with and this time we got an entire year photo! It has always been just T.Y.1 photos but this is including T.Y.2 !

Well, my year has only two classes anyway ;)

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