Friday, 15 October 2010

a cowboy retreats

The last day for us T.Y.1 students to go to our beloved horses. Today we had less people than usual which was a good thing in disguise because we were able to ride in 2 rounds. 

Photos were great today as we were not riding in the indoor section but out in the open with the cool (more like freezing) breeze. 

Jump , leap, fly,
or whatever you call it. 
That was our task today and I was on Prancer! Yeah that's the name of her name. She was really lazy though, but not as lazy as Tiger from last week. Today our butts were as sore as could be. We had to sit on the horse without getting up and down, but just let our butts bobble while the horse happily trotted around.

You could hear the guys going 

some how it never gets old, back in Malaysia I could remember a particular person who always loved it and now keeps blogging about it. Hahaha the guys over here, nah, no difference ;)

During lunch break today I decided to have Recess Revo all over again.

What is Recess Revo?
It's the ability to show God's love through your actions and to bless the school, the teachers, the students by standing out and speaking up :)

As well, I don't really have anyone to do it with, I decided to clean up the cafeteria during lunch break. But then I just had a prompting from God, like a feeling inside and instead I helped Katie and Amy to study for the math test as it was immediately after lunch :)

Thank God that some of the questions we discussed came out :D
i know it wasn't much, but i hope it was something at least :)

Oh and the test was great, 
I thank God
really :) I haven't taken a test since March and my brains are probably dead but thanks to him, it didn't die :)

Gonna be sleeping over at Kesiah's for the weekend again as mum's not here and well I have no other transport to church ! 

Will be back on Sunday ;)

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