Friday, 22 October 2010

Goodbye Lena

Today was supposed to be a fun day, a great day, it was non-uniform day! Each student had to pay 2 euro and they could wear whatever they wanted. Definitely a new experience to me unless you count Children's Day back in primary school which was the only time I didn't wear uniform. But I forgot... 

Hellos...goodbyes... are one of the best friends I've ever known. Whenever you say hello, there's bound to be a goodbye and once again, here's another one.

Coming to Ireland, knowing absolutely no one in the entire country, leaving everyone I loved behind was one step. Making friends, getting to know people and for this particular girl, she made me really feel welcome. She made me feel that I wasn't the only one.

Why did she have to be an exchange student?

Lena Hosch.
A german exchange student who happened to be in my class. Something unexpected, something unplanned and now it's time to say goodbye. Thank you for finally performing for us with your flute on your last day of school with us ;) It was absolutely beautiful

After school ended, a million photos were taken and a hugging spree soon occurred. I stood back waiting for the crowd to subside. Finally, when there were about a handful of people. I gave a hug. I didn't wanna let go. Tears started streaming down my face smudging the make up I wore for the first time to school. I only did it because it was non-uniform day, so why not play along and put on some make up.

I forgot I was going to cry.

I'm gonna miss you Lena.
Thank you for everything.

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