Thursday, 28 October 2010

Happy Bday Athiei

Surprised Athiei with a cupcake and a card for his birthday yesterday. We were meeting up for Munster Youth practice and since his birthday was just yesterday I decided to buy a cupcake from the Wooden Spoon! Yeah one of the most awesome bakery I've ever seen!

And its just 3 minutes away from my house :)

My sleepover at the Maglaque's has started once again and this time I'll be staying till either Saturday or Sunday..Brought my laptop over so I could go online only to discover they don't know the password to the wifi connection HAHAHA.

Woop - dee - do.

Oh I got bored last night and decided to do something for SMK SS17's Interact. The club that took my soul earlier this year. HAH just kidding, I miss it too much. So I figured the interact blog was looking rather dull so I revamped it and made it look more professional I guess? :)

check it!

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